Frequently Asked Questions

5. General

What is Virabux? is a crypto rewards platform where members can earn free bitcoins by doing many tasks.

What are points for?

Points can exchanged into cash, PTC credits, banner credits, rotator credits and so on via the converter.

Points can currently be earned from our click exchange feature.

You can find how many points you have in your account overview under the Advertising tab.

What are tickets for?

Tickets are used for the daily drawing ticket contest. Our system will draw each day 10 tickets randomly.

You can earn tickets via many ways!

Check out our contest page to see how many tickets you can get from each action as well as the prizes.

What is not allowed?

  • Multiple Accounts - Only 1 account per household
  • Use of VPN/Proxies or any other network sharing
  • Use of Ad-Blocker
  • Use of any software, plugin, script, autoclicker that automates tasks for you.
  • Providing fake information
  • Anything that go against our terms and conditions.

4. Advertising

What kind of websites do you accept?

Although, we accept most of the websites, some sites that do not comply with our requirements won't be approved. First of all, all sites must load within 5 seconds. They must not break out our frame. They should not contain malicious codes, redirect to another page or have adult and illegal content.

When my ad will be approved?

We approve ads as soon as possible. The approval process usually take 24 hours maximum.

3. Referrals

What is a referral?

A referral is person that has been referred by another customer to our website. It can be a friend telling you to join a website for instance. Most commonly the referral process is done online via referral links.

Where can I advertise my referral link?

You can promote our website via many online channels. Social media for instance like on Facebook or Twitter. You can also advertise via emails, or on others forums. But you need to make sure that you are not spamming and comply with regulations. You could also promote your referral link on others advertising platforms, PTC sites, rotators, manual traffic exchange sites and so on.

How much do I earn per referral?

By recruiting new referrals, you will increase your earnings. As a standard member, you will get a commissions on your referral earnings which is starting from 10% and 1% commission on their purchases. You can increase the percentage of commission you will receive by upgrading your account to a higher level membership.

Can I buy referrals?

Yes, you can purchase referrals for life. At Virabux all our referrals are real persons. Most rental systems from our competitors are using bots but not us. We make sure that the referrals that are for sale are active referrals. However we cannot predict when they will be stop being active on the site. That is why for a very low fee, you can recycle your referrals if you are not happy with some of your referrals. 

2. Payments

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals.

How long does it take to receive my cashout?

We aim to process all our member's withdrawal within 7 business days maximum. Some memberships have longer withdrawal time frame and can take up to 10 business days. It may take longer as our security team check each request manually in order to avoid fraud.

What is the minimum deposit and cashout?

While there is no minimum deposit amount, the minimum amount to withdraw varies depending on the payment providers.

Our target is to keep the minimum withdrawal and fees as low as possible. There many external factors that may increase the fees or the minimum payout. For example the bitcoin fees to send a payment can be very high during certain period.

Currently the minimum cashout for ewallets payments is $0.05.

I've made a payment but did not receive my order?

If you have loaded fund or pay for an order with a payment processor, your order must be approved manually. We approved them as soon as possible, usually in less than 12/24 hours.

Why my withdrawal request has been cancelled?

The most common reason for withdrawal requests being cancelled is that you have provided an invalid "Account ID".

Cashout requests via Perfect Money should have the account id starting by the letter U.

Whereas withdrawal request to your Payeer account should have the account is starting by the letter P.

If this is not your first withdrawal, please also make sure that you have posted in the Payment Proofs forum, the previous payment received.

Inactive users on the site after having made their cashout request may have their payment cancel. A member that did not click any ads the day before the request is processed can be considered as inactive.

1. Technical Issues

Why can't I login to my account?

There may be several reasons why you cannot login to your Virabux account. The most common reason is that you need to make sure that your password and username are correct. As these fields are case sensitive. If you still cannot login to your account feel free to send us an email via the form at the bottom of the page.

I lost my password, what do I do?

Don't worry, if you don't remember your password, you can request a new one by clicking on the link "recover your password" under the login form.

I haven't received my confirmation email, what should i do?

If you have not received the Virabux message to confirm your email address after signing up, please check your spam or junk mail folder.

Make sure you also add admin at to your address book to see if you can find the confirmation email.

If you still did not manage to activate your account, please send us an email from the email address you used to register to support at

Why my account has been suspended?

The most common reason why accounts get suspended is because members click on anti-cheat ads. We have a zero tolerance policy for cheaters and fraudsters. Make sure you read our terms and conditions.

When accounts get suspended, the cash balance is reset to 0. If your account has been suspended, you can contact us for a review of your account.

Still having trouble? Contact us here.

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